Eco-tourism memorial prize in memory of the Eco-tourism entrepreneur Staffan Svanberg



Swedish Ecotourism Society, Västervik, Sweden

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We are convinced that both Eco-tourism and nature conservation have benefits from a closer cooperation and dialogue. And we are sure that this prize will inspire both eco-tourism companies and government to work closer together and more open to the idea that tourism may bring the needed and only economic incentives to help drive conservation.

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Eco-tourism memorial prize in memory of the Eco-tourism entrepreneur Staffan Svanberg

In January 2017, The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) announced that the theme of the international Day for Biological Diversity will be “Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism”. In light of this, the Swedish Ecotourism Society together with Staffans family, residents of Haparanda Sandskär fishing village, WWF World Wildlife Found and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency establishes a special award for sustainable nature tourism and nature conservation in the memory of Staffan Svanberg. The prize is awarded for the first time on May 22nd, the International Day for Biological Diversity.

Through his company Bosmina, Staffan offered an appreciated mix of boat trips to Haparanda Sandskär, seal safaris, guided hikes and overnight stays at the top of the Bothnia bay. For most of these years, Staffan Svanberg also worked as a supervisor for the national park.

– Staffan Svanberg had many qualifications. He was an extremely knowledgeable and devoted guide who was deeply involved in environmental and nature conservation issues. In addition, he was a living example of how eco-tourism can go hand in hand with the supervision and care of a national park, says Pär Innala, who today works for the Swedish Ecotourism Society and had Staffan Svanberg as a colleague and mentor for a few years.

Thomas Öberg, photographer, nature consultant and entrepreneur, worked for many years together with Staffan Svanberg.

– Staffan was a man between theory and practice. He both conveyed knowledge to the island’s visitors and laid out footbridges for the same visitors to walk on. Staffan was a biologist and worked as a teacher besides his entrepreneurship. He was a highly-appreciated guide and educator, and an enthusiast who cherished the National Park of Haparanda Archipelago.

It is this unusual mix that the Swedish Ecotourism Society wishes to honour, we are convinced that both eco-tourism and nature conservation have benefits from a closer cooperation and dialogue. The prize will be awarded to successful examples of eco-tourism and nature conservation cooperation and the people behind it. Initiatives that strengthen nature conservation, promote biodiversity and make our nature more accessible.

The memorial prize is based on an anonymous donation received by the Swedish Ecotourism Society earlier this year. Together with the Svanberg family and local representatives of residents around the national park, the criteria for future prize winners have been designed. Since Staffan Svanberg had a close relationship with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), they are endorsing the price. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has expressed its wish to be included in the memorial prize jury together with the Swedish Ecotourism Association and the Svanberg family.

On the international day of biodiversity on May 22, 2017, a prize of SEK 10,000 will be awarded for the first time to at least two people behind a successful collaboration between nature conservation and nature tourism for the benefit of nature conservation, biodiversity and unique natural experiences.

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