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Gatchina Gardens Regional Resort, Moskovskiy 175 A, 196070, St.Petersburg, Russia

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Ibrahim Kodra Swiss Foundation

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Russian Federation



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Promotion of ecological, ethical and cultural education

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“Ecological Art Project 2017”
November 14-19, 2017
at Gatchina Gardens Regional Resort
Moskovskiy ave. 175 A, 196070, St Petersburg, Russian Federation

Ibrahim Kodra Swiss Foundation is glad to present you “Ecological Art Project 2017” with collaboration of park-museum Swissminiatur in Melide Gatchina Gardens Regional Resort and a representative of the Russian Geographical Society Department of the Leningrad Region.
This project is dedicated to 2017 which has been proclaimed in Russia the “Year of Ecology” and the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development” by the United Nations General Assembly.

This project involves the transformation of ancient models from Swissminiatur of typical Swiss garnets into artistic installations made by a group of artists who want to show the importance of the global ecological and environmental situation.
In the background of images of Swiss and Russian landscapes, an artistic exchange is created within cultural diplomacy.
Alex Doll, a talented Russian-Swiss artist, honorary academician of the Russian Academy of Arts and member of the Union of Artists of Russia, painted the small barn of flowers giving him a new life.
Giulia Ilina, a Russian-Italian artist, turned the barn into the symbol of the Swiss Confederation with all the coats of arms of the Swiss cantons.
Natalia Sivacheva, a Siberian artist, and Maria Shichkova, a Russian-Swiss artist, dressed in traditional lace at Swiss House.
These works will be surrounded by photographic images of the nature of Switzerland and Russia created by Giulia Ilina (Italy), Natalia Sivacheva (Siberia), Maria Shichkova (Switzerland), Martina Spagnuolo (Italy), Denis Lysenko (of Multicentre Social and Work Integration Leningrad Region) and Andrei Strelnikov (Russian Geographical Society).
There will also be an artistic lighting installation created by Ksenia Sizova (Russia).
Nikita and Sofia Shichkovi (Russia) present their architectural project dedicated to ancient Russian houses “izba”.

The performances will be visible at the cultural space of Gatchina Gardens Regional Resort, Moskovskiy 175 A, 196070, St.Petersburg, Russia.

This exhibition will have continuity in the Gatchina Gardens Regional Resort event in the district of Gatchina region, Krasnitci village.

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