International Conference on Sustainable Tourism



Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Ministry of Tourism of Republic of Indonesia

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Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

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This international conference will be held on 31 October to 1 November, and will welcome national and international participants to discuss the systematic application of monitoring, evaluating (sustainable tourism indicators) and managing information techniques, as key tools for the formulation and implementation of sustainable tourism policies, strategies, plans and management processes.

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General public

Indonesia has recently raised its tourism sector into the country’s top priority list for development. In fact, tourism has become one of the leading sector in the core economy, guiding the key actors in tourism activities, and even the leading sectors beyond tourism, in a smooth and integrated manner. Despite using tourism as an engine to boost the economic growth, Indonesia is also aware that this development should not harm either the people or the environment within the destination.

The Minitry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), will organize an international conference on sustainable tourism on “Managing Tourism as a Sustainable Business Model for a Sustainable Future”. The conference will provide a platform for the public and private sector to share experiences, new methods and practices in developing business models that could transform and balance social and environmental preservation into prosperity for the businesses.

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