International Tourist Guide Day 2017 Sustainable Tourism and Tourist Guiding



Oradea in Romania

Organized By

Romanian Tourist Guide Associations

Type of institution




Specific site/destination

Multi-day conference based in Oradea with visit of Bihor



Lines of actions

Advocacy and awareness raising

Type of activity

Events, meetings and conferences

Type of activity other

speed meeting, seminars, conferences, press and online campaigns and advocacy efforts, professional meetings, celebration of International tourist guide day, Continuous Trainning

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

Hoping to set a trend changer with long lasting effects

Any other information on estimated impact

Awareness, Travel, Enjoy, Respect

Target group

Private sector, Governmental bodies, International bodies, Academia

Romanian Tourist Guide Associations initiative wants to be a multi year-long program engaging the campaign in three dimensions:

1.Celebrating International Tourist Guide Day 2017. This special day is celebrated since 1990 all over the world as WFTGA ( World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) initiative. Our aim is to bring together professional people of the industry and organise such an event in a different location at national level.

2.Education actions: The Through the year we’ll engage educational campaigns to spread the YI2017 messages in seminars, professional meetings & conferences. The first such a session is scheduled on 20th of February 2017 at Oradea for tourist guides, bloggers, photographers and specialists attending to our multi-day event conference, where I am serving as a WFTGA accredited trainer, travel consultant expert and professional tourist guide. We’ll continue such campaign in order to provide continuous training for tourist guides, to rediscover our beautiful country and understand how tourist guiding can be a tool for development and sustainable tourism in a destination.

3. Public Awareness Actions: We’ve engaged awareness campaigns through social medias including Facebook, LinkedIn, Travel Massive & Twitter and we will continue such actions throughout. Also we will ask for local administration support and Ministry of Tourism support and recognition.

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