Ist Conference on Sustainable Development – Building Public-Private Partnership for Sustainable Tourism



Vlore, Albania

Organized By

Institute for Sustainable Development, Environment and Tourism (InSET)

Type of institution




Specific site/destination



Inclusive and sustainable economic growth, Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction, Cultural values, diversity and heritage

Lines of actions

Policy making

Type of activity

Events, meetings and conferences

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

More than 10 institutions involved, 3 Municipalities, University Departments, CSOs and Tourism operator Associations, will be involved

Target group

Private sector, Governmental bodies, Academia

Building a public private partnership for sustainable tourism development, held in Albania on 24th November 2017, in the frame of UNWTO International Year of Sustainable Tourism, was successfully concluded.

A big interactive panel was developed. In Order to have an deeply discussion and interactive conference, agenda was divided in 4 sessions. so, we had 4 sessions as follows:

  1. Policymaker and local governance: the main speakers where: Minister of Tourism and Environment Ministry, Director of National Tourism Agency, Director of  Financial Directory in Ministry of Finance, Mayor of Municipality of Vlora City, Director and representative from other relatives ministries
  2. National and international NGOs, presenting and supporting tourism sector in Albania. representatives from Kosovo where active part of panel
  3. Tourism Operators (Tourism Industry): President of Albanian Tourism Association, Director of VASS TOURS, Executive Director of  Albanian Tourism Association, Director of Catering and Hotels Group, Intours Albania, etc
  4. Universities, Researchers

This event was consider very important from whole actors and stakeholders, sustainable for Albanian tourism sector. So, InSET is working on conclusions and a set of them will be deliver to the 4 group include in order to support the whole tourism industry, policymakers, educational institutions in preparing good public documents which really sustain Tourism in Albania. In this way, Inset  is not only doing the right path to support whole actors of tourism in Albania, but is trying to work hardly under the UNWTO Directives and Objectives.

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