IT.A.CA Festival of Responsible Tourism Migrants and Travellers



Rimini, Italy

Organized By

Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism / University of Bologna

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Inclusive and sustainable economic growth, Cultural values, diversity and heritage

Lines of actions

Advocacy and awareness raising

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Events, meetings and conferences

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Awards and competitions on sustainable tourism inside the festival as well

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

Local, regional and national impact (the festival involves 10 cities in Italy)

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International impact thanks to hosting the italian Green Destinations Day

Target group

General public, Specific groups (e.g. Youth, Women and disadvantaged groups), Private sector, Governmental bodies, International bodies, Academia

In line with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development declared by the UN, the 9th edition of IT.A.CÀ Festival, the first festival on responsible tourism, invites you to discover places and cultures through tours, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, documentaries, book’s presentations and laboratories. Through different events, the festival aims to promote a new concept of tourism, more ethical and respectful of the environment and of the people that live in the territory.
This year for the first time, the Rimini edition of the festival will host the international conference “Green Destinations Day” on September 22nd, with the participation of international experts and bringing examples of best practices on sustainable tourism, to inspire the local community to take action.
The Festival of Responsible Tourism in Rimini is organized by the Centre for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST) from the University of Bologna, which has been established in February 2014 in Rimini Campus. Its mission includes promotion, design and implementation of research projects, lifelong learning courses and advanced education. The Center is member of the UNESCO/Unitwin Network, the Network for Cultural Routes Studies of the Council of Europe and EUNek. It is also the publisher of AlmaTourism, Journal of Tourism, Culture and Territorial Development and participate in the Via@ project, a multi-language, interdisciplinary, international review on tourism.

Full Programme

“Green Destinations Day Italy” Programme

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