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Verbier, Switzerland

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ALPsport Association

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Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

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200 families and groups of friends in the Geneva Lake Region – Switzerland

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General public

Our modest association based in Geneva / Vaud / Valais promotes it’s concept of Sharing the Trip …

The objective is to convince passionate skiers and mountaineers to implement co-transportation as a second nature, by sharing their vehicles while moving to the mountains on the week-ends and also by sharing their knowledge and experience of life and sports.

The focus is for grownups who drive confortable cars to invite youngsters to occupy the empty seats to reach Verbier and to bring them back to town after the skiing.

In reality, we believe that transportation time spent together is a perfect opportunity to connect with others and express your love for your neighbor(s); and therefore for adults to serve as mentors for youngsters by demonstrating generosity and involvement to build the shared ressources economy we need.

♥ ALPsport Association – to contribute call +41 79 347 07 14

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