Sustainability Day



NHL Hogeschool, Stenden NHL Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Organized By

Enactus Stenden Leeuwarden

Type of institution


Other type of institution (Speficy):

Non-Profit Student Organization



Specific site/destination



Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

Lines of actions

Advocacy and awareness raising

Type of activity

Events, meetings and conferences

Type of activity other

Fair and Lectures about sustainability in general and tourism related

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

250 students

Target group


Students will be provided with interesting lectures about Sustainability in general (waste reduction, circular economy, sustainable entrepreneurship and responsible tour operating). Furthermore, the focus will be set on a small fair where companies will present their sustainable products (e.g. solar boat race, VR-Scenario of Wadden Sea flooding etc.).

A sustainable certificate will be handed over during the ceremony to the University and a penal discussion between lecturers will take place.

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