Sustainable Tourism in the Biosphere Reserve Golija-Studenica



Studenica, Kraljevo, Serbia

Organized By


Type of institution




Specific site/destination

Studenica, Kraljevo


Inclusive and sustainable economic growth, Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction, Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change, Cultural values, diversity and heritage

Lines of actions

Knowledge creation and dissemination

Type of activity

Events, meetings and conferences

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

Education, exchange of ideas and contacts aswell as promotion of sustainable tourism development within area of Biosphere Reserve ''Golija-Studenica'' among local government authorities, local and regional tourism organisations, NGOs, agricultural-environmental and tourism associations, small companies and enterprises, coutryside households, rural tourism enterpreneuers.

Target group

General public, Specific groups (e.g. Youth, Women and disadvantaged groups), Private sector, Governmental bodies, Academia

NGO KAPD ”Balkan” with support of public enterprise ”SRBIJASUME” is organizing a promotional meeting of sustainable tourism development in the Konak of monastery Studenica, city of Kraljevo, second of December 2017.
Professional and relevant lecturers will speak about:
-MAB biosphere reserves in Serbia
-sustainable tourism development in Serbia
-education of local stakeholders within the area of Biosphere Reserve ”Golija-Studenica” about sustainable development
-traditional gastronomy as a base for innovative travel arrangements
Panel discussion is planed to make conclusions and suggest a direction for future cooperation among stakeholders and work on the field of sustainable tourism development in the Biosphere Reserve ”Golija-Studenica”.

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