Sustainable Tourism Shimabara Forum



Shimabara city, Japan

Organized By

Ecotourism Japan

Type of institution




Specific site/destination

Shimabara city


Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change

Lines of actions

Advocacy and awareness raising

Type of activity

Events, meetings and conferences

Estimated outreach/impact of your activity

50 people

Target group

General public

Presentation “On the Sustainable Tourism Year for Development”
Ariana · Lukin · Sanchez (United Nations Tourism Organization Office in Japan)

Lecture “100 sustainable tourist attractions and trends in Europe”
Mr. Albert Salman (Green Destinations)

Lecture “Toward the creation of sustainable tourism areas from the world to Japan”
Mr. Takayama Mr. (Representative of Asia Ecotourism Network, Director, Japan Ecotourism Center)

Panel Discussion “Creating a Sustainable Region and Shopping in the Shimabara Peninsula”
Panel · Topical offer: Mr. Hidetoshi Sakamoto (senior managing director of the Shimabara Peninsula Tourism Federation)
Panelists: Ariana Lukin Sanchez, Albert Salman, Mr. Takayama
Moderator: Mr. Kazuhiro Arai (Representative of Daisetsuyama Nature School, Executive Director of Japan Ecotourism Center)

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