Sustainable Tourism for Sustainable Destination Development



Mali Lošinj, the Island of Lošinj, Croatia

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Ministry of Tourism Croatia

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Mali Lošinj, the Island of Lošinj


Inclusive and sustainable economic growth

Lines of actions

Advocacy and awareness raising

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increasing the multiplying effect of tourism on the Croatian economy

Target group

Governmental bodies

The Institute of Tourism presents the concept of Green Tourism Development that responds to the challenges of competitiveness and ecological sustainability of tourism but also to the demands of the policies and institutions of the United Nations and the European Union. Market requirements, available support mechanisms and many years of experience and innovations of stakeholders lead to more frequent application of the concept as will be illustrated by examples. The possibility of increasing the multiplying effect of tourism on the Croatian economy through the broad application of the concept for which the preconditions have been fully established will particularly be emphasized and presented. The proposed definition of Green Tourism as:

(a) Environmentally responsible (reduction of ecological footprint with financial benefit)
(b) ecological information and education.

In application it would mean: contributing to the goals of nature and environment protection, strengthening of competitiveness, creating new business opportunities and widespread use with the help of EU funds.

Additionally, CROSTO – Croatian Sustainable Tourism Observatory, a long-term international research project of Institute for tourism, established in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in order to monitor and measure tourism sustainability in Croatia., will be presented.

The presentations will be followed by Q& A session and, later on, meeting of tourism sector with representatives of the Croatian government during which some of the above themes will also be tackled.

NB the event is for representatives of different levels of government, tourist boards, and private sector, all dealing with tourism and hospitality and related sectors.

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