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From march to october 2017, in the context of the International Year of sustainable Tourism development, we will be offering bike & walking tours emphasizing the environmental and health advantages of choosing the bicycle, walking and public transport means instead of using a car. We will place special emphasis on Berlin as a green city. We will promote our idea of fossil fuel-free cities where private transportation is possible only with electric cars.
By 2018, is our aim to use electric minivans for our bus tours.

We consider sustainable tours also those offered by transparent companies. Sustainability is only possible with transparency.

We consider a guide, as any other professional, should get a living wage and have good working conditions. For this reason, we will be promoting our paid tours and supporting other companies offering tours at prices that are fair for turists and guides, in opposition to the impressive proliferation of “free tours” in Berlin which are doing a disservice to the city.
The “free tour” is promoting Berlin equivocally as a “cheap city” and as a rule-free zone. This might have indeed been like that 20 years ago. Today the reality is another. Individuals find themselves trapped with increasing difficulties in achieving decent housing at prices commensurate with their incomes and small tourism companies struggle for their survival in the context of lack of tourism laws and policies, very heavy tax burdens and high administrative and legal costs.

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