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Istituto Salesiano Sacro Cuore, Via Marsala 42, Rome, Italy

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TGS Turismo Giovanile Sociale

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Istituto Salesiano Sacro Cuore, Via Marsala 42, Rome


Inclusive and sustainable economic growth, Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change, Cultural values, diversity and heritage

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Knowledge creation and dissemination

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Capacity building, workshops, training courses and curricula development

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30 participants

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extra impact through web, social media, newspapers, etc.

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Specific groups (e.g. Youth, Women and disadvantaged groups)

The workshop is organised by the Salesian association TGS Turismo Giovanile Sociale (Youth and Social Tourism) in order to explore the notion of Sustainable Tourism intended as:
– an opportunity to pay special attention towards local communities and the environment;
– a chance to educate people in a sense of welcomeness and hospitality;
– a source of economic and cultural development;
– a relationship of respect and protection towards the environment, motivated by a profound choice that considers the environment itself as the “Creation” entrusted to us.

The title “Travel, Enjoy, Respect”, refers to the catchphrase of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, as declared by the United Nations for the year 2017 and promoted by World Tourism Organisation.
The following subjects will be taken into considerations:
1. Tourism: how sustainable tourism can actually affect local communities;
2. Environment: Water, Waste, Climate change, Energy: local and global challenges;
3. “Laudato si”: from the notion of Environment to that of “Creation”: profound motivations for a choice.

Aim of the workshop is to provide young participants a different eye and a critical sense on all issues addressed, thus becoming actors and conscious supporters of choices and strategic actions for a sustainable tourism, offering them not only human and cultural growth opportunities but also a chance for economic development and employment.

The workshop will be introduced by the Round table “TGS LAB: Travel, Enjoy, Respect” held on 29th APRIL 2017 at 3.00pm – Salesian Family Room, San Lorenzo Community, Istituto Salesiano Sacro Cuore, Via Marsala 42, Rome.

Three speakers will be attending the round table to introduce the subjects to examine in depth the following days:
– Roberto Cavallo, Founder of ERICA cooperative – Educazione, Ricerca, Informazione e Comunicazione Ambientale
– Paolo Proietti, National President of CITS – Centro Italiano Turismo Sociale
– D. Joshtrom Kureethadam, Philosophy of Science lecturer, UPS – Università Pontificia Salesiana


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