The Sustainable Travel Summit



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Immersion Travel Magazine

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Private Sector

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Knowledge creation and dissemination

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Events, meetings and conferences

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An online event to educate and inspire viewers to think critically about travel decisions

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5,000 – 10,000+

Any other information on estimated impact

This is the first time we've organized this event, so numbers are an estimate. However, we are working with 50+ orgs and individuals to spread the word.

Target group

General Public

The Sustainable Travel Summit: an Event for Folks Who Love Travel

For the first time, Immersion Travel Magazine is hosting a free, online event for people who love to travel and want to make a difference.

Introducing the Sustainable Travel Summit, a four day, free, online event taking place June 1-4, 2017. Learn about the world of sustainable travel from experts in the field. Get all of your travel questions answered in real time by guides, lodge owners, fellow travelers and folks who know a thing or two about zero footprint travel. Take part in activities and talks sponsored by Urban Adventures, LocalAventura, Authentic Food Quest and GRAYL. Discover how to pack the perfect bag; explore off the beaten path; leave a positive impact on a community; travel sustainably with the whole family; get the tastiest, most authentic meal; and so much more!

During the four days of the summit, you will be able to explore sustainable travel from the inside out, starting with learning about what sustainable travel really is, and how to create a low-impact itinerary. Next, you’ll delve into the packing and planning process before setting off for destinations like Tuscany, Australia, Rajasthan, Mexico City, and even the greenest neighborhoods of Vegas. Think about warming up your kitchen for the final day of the summit, because we’ll be indulging in all things food and travel. Make brunch with flavors from around the world, learn how to keep new foods from upsetting your stomach, and explore Argentina’s culinary world.

The Sustainable Travel Summit is free to attend, but you need to sign up for our newsletter to get updates, sneak previews, special content and a goody bag full of treats that will get you started on your next trip, as well as discounts from sustainable travel companies.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Dates: June 1-4, 2017
Fee: Free
Register here:
Follow along and send us your travel questions on Twitter at #ITMSummit17

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