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Su e Zo per i Ponti di Venezia / Up and Down the Bridges of Venice


A unique event
Su e Zo (“Up and Down the Bridges” walk) is a spring event that involves thousands of people in a walk for solidarity around Venice alleys: young and not-so-young people, families, school groups, sport teams, all together in a day devoted to meeting, friendship and solidarity.

Discovering Venice
Every year different itineraries twist and turn through the less known areas of the city on the water, also touching its most famous landmarks. A day of sustainable tourism, respecting the city we are in, its art, its history, its real soul and its essence.

Any earnings coming from the “Up and Down the Bridges” walk have always been offered to groups working in the educational or social fields, especially the Salesian missions around the world.
This year they will be given to the Salesian community in Damask, in Syria.

The “Up and Down the Bridges” walk is a real day of celebration: several folk groups put on their performance either in Saint Mark’s square or in the smaller open spaces along the itinerary, creating a jubilation of colours and sounds that leave happy memories in everyone.

The first edition of “Up and Down the Bridges” took place in 1975 and was organized by TGS Eurogroup. In later years many other organizations such as AGeSC, CTG, FISM, Ex allievi Don Bosco, NOI Associazione, Salesiani Cooperatori joined in. This event was so successful that the promoters decided to carry on organizing it.
The attendance to this walk has always been very high in all its editions: from a minimum of 1.750 participants on the first edition to a maximum of 19.250 on the seventh one.
Over the years many folk groups and music bands joined the event. All these groups contribute to the atmosphere in Piazza San Marco and other places in and around Venice during the event.
Everyone finds their way to identify themselves with the Venice culture, history and traditions at the “Up and Down” event.
After over 35 editions, while keeping intact the spirit of its origins, this event still represents a day of celebration and joy which is renewed from year to year. Every year 10 to 12,000 people take part in this exciting day which couldn’t take place without the help of 500 volunteers working at the refreshment points and along the race route itself.
The founder and coordinator of the Promoting Committee was the salesian priest Father Dino Berti. He guided the organization of the “Up and Down the Bridges” even in the year 2000, a few months before he died. Thanks to the efforts of so many people and of the current Committee, this event continues to be successful every year. This is also proven by the fact that, year after year, the Italian media show increasing interest in this initiative.
The Municipality of Venice considers “Up and Down the Bridges” one of the most important events in the annual Venetian calendar, just like traditional celebrations such as the “Festa del Redentore” (The Saviour), the Historical Regatta (Boat Race), the Carnival of Venice or the Venice Marathon.
Local authorities, private companies, banks and enterprises, thanks to their help and their funding, nurture this event to make it the success it has become in the city of Venice.

TGS Eurogroup, which has been organizing and coordinating this event since its beginnings, is a non-profit organization promoted by the Salesian Region “San Marco” Italia Nord Est. TGS Eurogroup finds its roots in the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) and has educational objectives as well as recreational, charitable and promotional values. TGS Eurogroup draws its inspiration from the Christian idea of life and society, explicitly referring to Don Bosco’s educational and pastoral system and to the Salesian style.

Information and registration:
TGS Eurogroup
Via Marconi 22, 31021 Mogliano V. TV, Italy
tel. +39.041.5904717 – fax +39.041.5906702
email: info@suezoperiponti.it – web channel: www.suezo.it/en

Point of contact:
Igino Zanandrea, Managing Director, TGS Eurogroup
+39 041 5904717


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