East Lombardy European Gastronomy

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The project brings together 10 partners, 100 stakeholders and 800 operators from hospitality, travel sector, food and beverage industry with the purpose of integrating gastronomy into tourism as well as promoting a sustainable food system. The project area comprises four provinces of the Lombardy region recognized for their high-quality gastronomic products and offerings (e.g. 22 Michelin-starred restaurants). Tourism is of prime importance in destinations such as Lake Garda, UNESCO sites and mountain resorts. Phases of the project are summarized as follows: context analysis; definition and planning of SMART goals and activities; creation of the network; development of creative experiences with stakeholders; promotion; monitoring. The activities, progress and output are systematically monitored before, during and after. The main focus is delivery against key performance indicators: contribution to the cohesion (levels of governance, civil society), support to local economic development, visibility of the region, project efficiency and evolution in sustainability. The project promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth by creating a local network including 800 members from different sectors, organizing training sessions. To become a member of the network, an operator should stimulate the adoption of resource efficiency and environmental-friendly practices, which also contributes to climate protection. Additionally, the project encourages gastronomic heritage by teaching students about local food production and culinary traditions. The project managed to achieve long-term sustainable projects, range of gastronomic experiences integrated in regional tourism, a higher consciousness for food sustainability among younger generations, among many other great outcomes.


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