Science and Education for Sustainability

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Knowing if the path that is going is correct is fundamental to guide tourism at local, regional, national level. Tourism is not yet an independent science, but is based on several sciences to compose the body of knowledge that can help in the process of environmental preservation, while promoting the social, economic and cultural development of a people. This project titled ‘Tourism in Latin America and the Caribbean – Economic Development Polices, Territorial Occupation and Sustainability‘ proposes exactly this; through a body of knowledge from the various sciences, to analyze and realize if the direction that the 46 geopolitical units of AL & C are working on is certain.

The project seeks the data and leaves the knowledge about sustainability to the communities where the team goes to the field – taking workshops, courses, activities to raise awareness about the forms of coexistence in a sustainable tourism environment. The data are made available to the entire planet – to researchers and research centers, and at the end 19 sectoral studies guide governments, private initiative, population and actors of the various segments involved with tourism, about the correct ways of conducting this activity.

It was recently presented at the First UNWTO World Conference on Intelligent Destinations in Murcia in Spain – which sought new ways to tourism on the planet that welcomes us.

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