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Considering the Coast line and the  Fishermen  Community I found that the initiatives taken by the Municipality has beckoned for the others to follow .  Following are the 5 C of Chennai  to transform into Charismatic Chennai .

Coastal Development: The infrastructural Development on the coastal areas enhanced the beauty  of the City. Measures are taken to  clean the beaches various volunteer groups. The beach cleaning was organised as part of the Joy of Giving to the nature led by an Non Governmental Organisation, Bhumi. Over a thousand people from every walk of life, from the employees of the Barclays Bank, to students of Chennai’s Corporation schools, to volunteers from the Chennai Trekking Club and other civic organisations in the city participate in  cleaning up which  happens at the Light House, Santhome, Broken Bridge near Elliot’s Beach and Foreshore Estate. The volunteers manages to collect a total of 4.65 tonnes of waste approximately in every cleaning session and later on it is used in a more productive and responsible way.

Carrying Capacity:  Unlike the Bollywood City Mumbai the Tollywood city Chennai is proud  about the natural coastline . The Marina Beach, The VGP Golden Beach all of them has certain  standards which they adhere to along with the crowd management. The sports activities are generally scheduled in the morning or evening and tourists and families on weekend and holidays. The citizens are also highly sensitized  about the conservation of aquatic  bodies through various responsible initiatives.

Community Development: The Fishermen Community children were educated into several colleges in Chennai under the University of Madras. In all the application forms for the admissions  there is special provisions for “First Generation Learners” where the child is the first individual to embark on the Journey towards responsibility in Reading Writing and Learning. Special emphasis is given to Education in Sports and Extra curricular activities which boost the Confidence and self esteem of the Child.

Corporation  Initiatives:  Women are employed at various parts to collect the plastic waste and keep the beach clean . A monetary benefit for working part apart from selling fish has motivated them to take part in this initiatives.  For women Sea is their  Mother Godess.

A part of the waste that was collected was also segregated into plastic and biodegradable waste. The plastic waste that littered the beaches was then sent to make some tough roads in the village of Medambakkam in the Kacheepuram district. The village head requested to for  the plastic. So after segregation it was sent to the village for use to lay the roads which was a noble initiatives of the Corporations.

Competitive Destination.  Compared to another beach destination like Kanyakumari,  Vishakhapatnam,  Rameswarm,  Cochin etc Chennai  predominately stands    out for the impact of the British Colonial rule.  The  Impact of English as a medium of Communication, The simple Dravidian way of living combined with spirituality had definitely gives Chennai an added advantage . Surely 3 Cheers to Chennai for a Charismatic Change.

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