SEEDS Sowing the Excellence of Sustainable Development

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BRAZTOA carried out SEEDS (Sowing the Excellence of Sustainable Development), an event with a cycle of lectures focused on entrepreneurs and executives, aiming to reflect on the care with the permanence of its business, which happened on November 17, 2016, of the 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., at the Tivoli Mofarrej hotel in São Paulo.

The program brought four lectures of 15 minutes each. All very dynamic and focused on the current economic, political, social and environmental scenario. In the end, a 15-minute chat brought the opportunity for discussion and exchange of information.

Check out the complete grid:

Lecture 1
Speaker: Helena Rey, from UNEP
Theme: The business of tourism and the environment – opportunities for efficiency, innovation and sustainability

Lecture 2
Speaker: Profº Fernando Kranni, from SENAC SP
Theme: Sustainability for the competitiveness of responsible tourism businesses

Lecture 3
Speaker: Sofia Gutierrez, from the UNWTO
Theme: The future of tourism in the 21st century – how the development of sustainable tourism is important for the health of the tourism business as a whole

Lecture 4
Speaker: Caco de Paula, from Agência Auá / José Eduardo Camargo, from Brasil Blog of Birds
Theme: The billionaire nature watching business

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