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Helpfulness, friendliness and hospitality – these are the key assets of sustainable tourism. To identifying, assessing and enhancing these assets in all regions and languages is the goal of the World Social Capital Monitor. Innovative methods such as anonymity, open access and availability on every mobile allow to assess even small towns and regions.

To advocating these local social goods is a major contribution to achieving the 17 UN SDG, especially SDG 16, which is Peace.

The Basel Institute of Commons and Economics and the Pannasastra University of Cambodia have started the project in Cambodia, where still three biannual surveys happened in 18 of the 24 provinces. today reaches 141 countries in 36 languages – and welcomes all stakeholders in tourism to participate in their region, town or country.

Local non-material assets count in tourism and can – in difference to financials – being influenced by the local community itself. E.g. a high hospitality has been found in zones of conflict such as in Palestine, Yemen, Mali and Afghanistan.

So let’s make helpfulness, friendliness and hospitality becoming topics of Sustainable Development in tourism!

In order to appreciating and enhancing these crucial human goods the World Social Capital Monitor for the first time invites the people to scoring on these key assets of sustainable tourism in 37 languages today:

As first results from regions in Africa, Asia and Middle East show, e.g. hospitality is at a high level. So at the end of the year 2017 the World Social Capital Monitor will release for the first time in history a world map featuring as well the results to assessing the touristic key assets helpfulness, friendliness and hospitality.

We attend a significant improvement of peace and reconciliation from this UN SDG 16 (Peace) project that bridges between tourists and the people living in areas of conflict and crises.

To participating in this of course anonymous survey only takes three minutes online or mobile. Partners from tourism can contact us directly to achieving and promoting their local results.

Contact: Dr. Alexander Dill, Director, World Social Capital Monitor, mail:
phone: 0041 61 261 35 21
UN website:


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