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“We want to share with you a story on how tourism drastically changed our lives. Most of our life, we have been living in a traditional Belarus village. Our work was on our plot of land, growing crops, and selling part of it. We have travelled seldom and have never thought that we could receive visitors, although we have a spacious private house.“

It was in the beginning of 2000 when in Belarus they just started to speak about agro-tourism. In truth, even today there are people who have no idea about this type of tourism, and 15 years ago only few knew about it. We also belonged to the unaware majority until we saw an announcement in the newspaper, posted by volunteers (today this is the main agrotourism promotion Belarusan Public Associationm ‘Recreation in the village’), inviting all people interested in agrotourism to make a training visit to Ukraine. New things are usually attractive, and since everything was running smoothly in our household and the trip was cheap, we had agreed to take part in this, as it seemed then, adventure. There we became acquainted with Mrs. Klitsunova (today she is the Chairman of the Public Association ‘Recreation in the village’) who, having learnt about our potential, advised us to turn our house and land plot into an agrotourism center without delay. In order to motivate us further she paid us a visit together with high-ranking visitors. We were eager to show our best side. From then on, everything started to move forward.

However, since the moment when tourism became part of our lives, we have never had the slightest desire to quit. On the contrary, when you get acquainted with new fine people, see their animated eyes it inspires you to move further, it makes your life brighter, beautiful and happy.

The Makey Family, Belarus

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