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A group of tourism activists, in Cape Verde, made up of professionals from Tourism, students of Tourism, was to bring their knowledge about Sustainable Tourism, in a year in which is celebrated, 2017 as a Year of Sustainable Tourism.

The activity was at Colegio da Turminha for students of the 4th year, aged between 9 and 11 years. They got to know the code of ethics of Tourism, according to the World Tourism Organization, because of its creation, its understanding.

Cape Verde is a country where tourism is strategic for Cape Verde’s economy, accounting for 22% of GDP. The children of this school have learned that this activity is developed based on sensitive natural resources that imply sustainable management so that future generations can enjoy these resources, creating jobs, income to improve the living conditions of the population of Cape Verde .

Finally, the 10 recommendations for Sustainable Tourism were left:

  1. In planning the trip have guarantees of quality and respect for human beings and the environment
  2. The use of natural resources such as water and energy in a moderate manner
  3. Good management of contaminated residences
  4. Rigor in the treatment of contaminated residences
  5. During the trip the only thing that should be left are our footprints
  6. In the view of protected natural spaces, create the minimum of negative impact
  7. When buying souvenirs, opt for local products
  8. Do not take / carry endemic species from their natural habitat (plant, animal)
  9. While you are in the place, enjoy the culture, gastronomy of the local population
  10. Try to contribute to your presence for the development of Sustainable Tourism

The Good Practice lesson was received with enthusiasm !! The activists promised to take the children on a trip where they could take part in these actions.

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