Fisherman’s B&B: accommodation in a fishing family’s home

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Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

Ecaterina Epifan, a fisherman’s wife, set up accommodation facilities to complement her revenue and to attract more tourists to the Romanian fishing village of Mila 23.

To diversify her family’s economic activities Ecaterina started to offer tourist accommodation in her home and serve her husband’s freshly caught fish in the village of Mila 23 on the Danube Delta. It all began as hospitality for family and close friends but as they returned every year and encouraged others to come too, their home was unable to meet the high demand anymore. Ecaterina grasped the opportunity to develop a fully-fledged business by harnessing the potential that increasing local tourism offered.

She asked the Fisheries Local Action Group for help in order to expand her activity and meet the demand of visitors in the Danube Delta. The project itself involved the development of facilities to host tourists professionally, including 7 bedrooms, an open terrace and a dining room with capacity for 20 people.

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