In my Grandmothers’ home

 In Récits de vie

“As I grew older, I used to wish to have my own business. I never thought that my wish would come true – that my vacation childhood house would be converted into my own accommodation business”.

It all started suddenly when I was working for many years with our local airline. I left the airline when an early retirement scheme was offered. My grandmother’s house was already mine. I inherited it, but it was nearly a ruin. I needed a huge budget in order to restore it. At that time, I was lucky as there were some European structural funds and that was the beginning. Since the property was listed, I needed to go through many formalities, rules and regulations, especially as we found Archaeological remains of three eras in our garden.

This is a traditional Cypriot accommodation business. This business is all about relaxation, a retreat back to our roots. Through this business I am transferring to our guests’ warm sentiments of my past world. We live in a modern world. It has become so fast, so much pressure. For this reason, technology and comfort is a must. Every little detail had and has to be taken care of, to make it possible to rest, but still feel in control.

Since most of us live a daily hectic life, I thought of an escape, a return to our grandmother’s house which for me means a warm protected place, a garden full of roses, home grown vegetables, fruit trees, and of course a homemade orange cake.

Whatever I do is with pleasure. When you are dealing with traditional houses, you need to have strong sentiments and most of all a big heart to be able to stand by any difficulty. I love being in the garden taking care of my roses; this brings me peace and I do enjoy our guests’ positive reaction to the flowers and the scents from my garden.

For me it is my business but also it is my refuge, I cannot imagine doing anything else as this is what I enjoy most. Vasilion is part of my history, is part of my life; we two are bonded together.

Katie Charalambous, Cyprus

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