Sustainable Cultural Immersion

 In Récits de vie

This project encourages the guests to integrate themselves in the cultural life of the host – the indigenous culturally attuned hostess Elzbieta. Initiated almost a decade ago and established originally as a traditional vacation chalet, the owner from a well established family of hoteliers asked Elzbieta to supplement with a cultural vision of the area’s heritage. She discovered an excellent methodology of improving the business performance of the guesthouse while fulfilling her own personal cultural aspirations. Not only the facility includes standard features like comfortable rooms with outstanding mountain views and tasteful cuisine, but also a guided and personally lead introduction into the local nuances of the mountain heritage. The success of the project is measured internally by Elzbieta in terms of numbers of visiting guests, returning guests and frequency of inquiries. The project encourages guests’ cultural immersion, leads to additional employment for needed tourism services, increases incomes and the overall standard of living of all involved people and entities, reduces climate impact by raising guests’ awareness about sustainability. Mainly, guests have the opportunity of experiencing the local culture and heritage first-hand, moreover, family style relationship creates a foundation for connection and mutual understanding. Since the establishment of the project, the hostess achieved growth both in number of guests and origin, and number of repeat visits. Personnel increased from just her and a handful of friends to large staffs who have been trained and have seen their knowledge base about their own indigenous culture deepened.

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