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IDEP and its team dedicated to save Bali’s freshwater are heading toward success in 2017.For Bali, top travel destination; it is a very special year in regards to UNWTO vote for 2017 to be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

In Bali, this is the chance for all tourism actors to help IDEP to play an important part in restoring Bali’s aquifers and protect our rivers from pollution through the Bali Water Protection (BWP) program. The main feature of BWP is the construction of 136 “recharge wells” that will harvest the rainwater to artificially recharge the groundwater system….with the help of nature seasonal rainfall.
Fortunately, there is a growing shift in the tourism industry from ignoring the issue toward participating in the necessary efforts to protect Bali Holy water, Agama Tirtha.

Genuinely committed major players of the tourism industry and associated services have decided to support the BWP: Waterbom Bali, Fivelements, Buffalo Tours and Body Shop are now officially water lovers.. Thus, we are extremely confident that BWP will soon be financially viable for implementation, as for the time being the project is still seeking a large amount of seed funding to start.

Therefore, IDEP and its partners need more companies to compensate their use of water and join BWP’s for the sake of protecting the environment but also to protect its economy, another important element of Sustainability because “No Water = No Tourism = Economy at risk”!

To adopt sustainable tourism practices will save Bali’s freshwater, an element that is the core of the island’s social and economic stability as 80% of the economy and 28% of the workforce depends on tourism.

2017 is the Year of Sustainable Tourism and we need to take positive action now, for everyone’s future, for everyone’s benefit. We need to seize the moment and make sure that Bali becomes a leader in sustainable development in popular tourism destinations.

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