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We created Bee+Hive as a not-for-profit Global association that unites hotels, restaurants and parks who share our belief in the transformational power of Tourism, and are committed to creating a better world through sustainable tourism. Through unique experiences to tourists, we aim to inspire travellers beyond their trip, so they can spread awareness of sustainable travel to their friends back home.

The association works closely with its members to develop unique travel experiences with sustainability at their core including: preserving and re-habilitating wildlife and ecology, ensuring viable socio-economic projects for the local community and protecting cultural expression.

We help our members increase the exposure to life-changing Sustainable tourism practices to travellers, by:

  • Selling these experiences to travel agents and operators to focus on this market (commercial representatives)
  • Promoting to Media a growing number of sustainable travel destinations and their personal benefits
  • Developing a common agenda among associated hoteliers to impact sustainable policies and actions

This is World-changing tourism.

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