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BLUEISLANDS is a project that aims to develop knowledge about the coastal waste in 9 Mediterranean Islands – identify and mitigate the economic, social and environmental impact of seasonal waste variation as an effect of tourism. The 3 year project measures the quantity and composition of waste, generated over a period of one year in 9 Mediterranean Islands (three islands a year), examines the correlation between waste and tourists; tests policy making tools for sustainable tourism growth and strategies for seasonal waste management; engages public and private stakeholders to promote sustainable business models in the tourism sector. The project aims to study beach users’ behaviour and the pollution people produce as well as the strategy that fits best to manage it. Additionally, BLUEISLANDS encourages the exchange of information and the cooperation with authorities located in Mediterranean. The adoption of the guidance tool developed by BLUEISLANDS project will lead to a change of insular policies by creating action plans that will be tested and disseminated through a dissemination plan which addresses a wide and hetrogeneous range of public and private stakeholders. The project correlates with the third key pillar expressed by International Year of Tourism for Development 2017: it is essential to critize the current strategies of waste management, new model has to be proposed for making the tourism sector more sustainable and minimizing water pollution. This would also result in the protection of national heritage of Mediterranian Islands and better environment for everyone.

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