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Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG)

The Aischgrund Carp Region in Germany used European Maritime and Fisheries Funds (Axis 4) to bring together around 1 000 carp producers in a concerted effort to develop and promote carp tourism in the area. An info point was set up, packages of activities organised and 50 “carp guides” trained.

Germany’s Karpfenland Aischgrund Region has a rich tradition of carp fish farming. About a thousand pond farmers grow the well-known Aischgrund carp using traditional methods in more than 7 000 ponds spread throughout the region. In January 2013, a local mayor and chairman of the regional association “Karpfenland Aischgrund E.V.”, and a local mayor developed the idea to set up a tourist office to promote carp tourism. “Karpfenland Travel” was set up and local carp farmers were specially trained to accompany tourists on guided walks through the long belts of ponds, on bus excursions and on visits to the local carp museum.

These activities are offered alongside broader tourism activities such as bicycle tours and city sightseeing tours. Promotional material was also produced, including brochures, a multi-lingual website, a Facebook page and a Youtube channel, helping carp tourism to become one of the key tourism elements in the region. Many carp farmers have now diversified and increased their income as carp guides.

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