Climate resilience in Samoa

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The project illustrates the importance and benefits of mainstreaming climate risks into tourism-related policy processes and adaptation actions at national and local levels as means to enhance the resilience of local communities, tourism industry and the economy as a whole. The project focuses on expanding the resilience of natural and socio-conomic systems in tourism-related operations and areas, enhancing livelihood strategies and supporting communities against climate change-induced hazards. This is pursued through strenghtening multi-level stakeholder collaboration and public-private partnerships to introduce a set of locally-tailored adaptation merasures; strenghtening of institutional capacities to integrate climate change and disaster risks in tourism-related policy frameworks; improving local awareness and understanding of the necessity and benefits of preparedness for climate change risks. The project enables Government of Samoa to work in close partnership with other stakeholders to integrate climate change risk considerations into coastal development and land use planning. By reaching its aim, the project is providing tools and support to small local operators of tourism facilities to help them adapt to climate change and improve their socio-economic resilience. Also, the taken actions support the implementation of concrete adaptation in the management of coastal infrastructure, water resources and etc.

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