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“Climate Change Adaptation and Risk Reduction Measure”.

Ecotourism is now defined as « responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education » (TIES, 2015). Ecotourism is a great livelihood to the local communities, an opportunity to share colorful cultures and at the same time protecting creation. There is a great wisdom in Ecotourism that teaches travelers the value of respecting creation, community and their culture. There are great opportunities to learn more and be more, after visiting the area.
Climate change and Global Warming, has been a big challenge to the communities and their livelihood bringing harsh weather conditions. Storms are getting stronger; summers are getting hotter, and discovering new deceases, rise of the sea level, melting of snow caps and more. Poor fisher folks are losing their home from strong storm surges.
One of the successful adaptation measures for the Climate Change challenges is Community Mangrove Ecotourism. It is a community of fisher folks living around the mangrove forest, protecting it and nurturing a nursery. Mangroves bring many benefits in term of economic, social, educational and environment conservation. Mangrove roots can serve a marine sanctuary for the juvenile fish. The whole tree can serve as protection from storm surge, carbon sink and filters from soil erosion and landslides.
We have more than 10 very successful Community Mangrove Ecotourism in the Philippines that is run by the organized fisher folks. Naming: Bataan, Calatagan, Pagbilao, Las Pinas, Maribojoc, Camiguin, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, Surigao del Sur, Subic. The mangrove nursery serves as resource supply to other communities in the country. The site serves as educational sites for biology students and tourism destination for bird watchers. And the fisher folks serve as beneficiaries for the Corporate Social Responsibility for some NGO and Corporations.

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