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Hostelling International is a global association of Youth Hostels. We are a charity and our focus has always been on social empowerment. For the 2017 Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development we have developed a busy program to address ten different areas of sustainability.

In July, we spoke about giving back and building bridges in our communities. Hostelling International has been committed to supporting the communities around our hostels since our foundation over 100 years ago.

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The Backpack HI Hostel in Cape Town, South Africa, is running various life-changing projects in their community. From supporting a community shop to Rope skipping and Soccer projects, this hostel is a hostel that drives social change.

The Backpack aims to bring everyone together despite their differences and backgrounds by assisting in various projects such as responsible consumption and production and investing in other businesses or supporting their initiatives. This has also created an outlet for further growth. In 2006 they stopped using water bottles and started selling glass ones and ensuring the guests knew that the tap water is safe to drink.

Participants in the project have come away feeling that they have contributed to a good cause and hopefully when they go home they will see where they can make a difference in their own communities.

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