Dubai Sustainable Tourism initiative

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One of the strongest pillars of Dubai’s economic growth is tourism and hospitality. Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) initiative, starting from 2009, is a public private partnership with the involvement of civil society that aims to bring together all economic sectors in tourism and hospitality in a holistic approach that builds on the common goal to achieve the long-term objective of a sustainable economy. With the target of attracting 20 million visitors by 2020, Dubai has set clear targets for sustainable development by embedding the principles of sustainability into all aspects of the industry – DST has identified four targets of energy efficiency, environmental protection, awareness and education, and industry engagement. The ultimate target is to reduce the carbon footprint by 16% by 2021. The initiative contributes to social inclusiveness and ensured employment, poverty reduction. Training programmes for staff have been created, women are encouraged to join the workforce in tourism and hospitality. Hotels are motivated to increase their greenery and adopt local species in their plants, energy consumption was reduced by 17%, water consumption went down by 14%, CO2 impact was lessened by 688 thousand tones. The project also encourages cultural values, diversity and local heritage by reviving Dubai’s old city parts and informing the tourists about how can they contribute in the heritage conservation.

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