Ecotourism in rural areas: the problems and the solutions to them

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NGO Association for sustainable human development organized a seminar named “Ecotourism in rural areas: the problems and the solutions to them”.

The program was financed by the Presidential grant program which was allocated by the Youth Foundation of Armenia.

The meeting was designed for the tourist agents, students, guides and young specialists of the sphere.

The relevance of the project is connected with the fact that UN announced 2017 as the international year for the sustainable development of tourism.

At the same time, the priority of the Ministry of Environmental Protection is sustainable tourism as well. This program is a chance to construct a panel for discussion and develop tourism using the potential of NGOs. The main purpose of the seminar is to activate the investment in this area, protect nature and use it by giving a chance to the further generation to have safe environment.

On the other hand, the development of tourism will lead to the development of the regions and creation of new workplaces. The concept of the meeting was based on the formal and non-formal education methodology.

The founder of “Time Land” foundation Robert Ghukasyan represented his experience which attracted the attention of the members as it is a success story of the regional development.

The village in the Gegharquniq region has opportunities for realization of different programs such as archaeological, adventure and ecotourism. In the framework of these, they host a lot of people from abroad and develop organic agriculture. This year they will try to create proper infrastructure.

This program is the beginning of other big projects which will stimulate tourism in Armenia taking into consideration the geographical and historical heritage.

As a pioneer of the sustainable development in Armenia our organization does its best for country’s continuous progress.

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