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EGBOK envisions a Cambodian community where everyone has equal opportunities and has the independence and ability to shape one’s own life. We realize this vision by utilizing the thriving hospitality tourism industry in Cambodia to train young underserved Cambodian adults to become hospitality professionals.

Hospitality is a lifestyle. It builds confidence, leadership, and a spirit of service. The traits students develop – compassion, kindness, selflessness — reach across the world and beyond cultural barriers, acting as a universal language that everyone understands. Combined with essential life skills (e.g. budgeting, goal setting, sexual health, etc) and an emphasis on environmental awareness, we are grooming students not only to be successful hospitality professionals, but also to be independent and positive community members in society.

Cambodia’s Context
– Tourism contributes to 28.3% of the country’s GDP in 2016
– Received 5.01 million tourist in 2016, double the number of visitors in 2010.
– Both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh airport capacities doubled, exemplifying the immense investment being made in the Cambodian tourism industry.
– 18% of Cambodians still live on less than $1.25 a day
– Home to the largest youth and adolescent population in the Southeast Asia region

EGBOK’s Achievements
– Graduated over 200 students since 2009
– 64% of current students are women
– $106/month starting salary
– 30% average salary increment after 1 year of employment
– 90% of alumni send part of their salaries home to support their families
– 49% of alumni send at least $100 to their families every month

EGBOK’s strategy is based on the facts and data driving the economy of Cambodia. Our model uses two significant development trends of Cambodia; the thriving tourism industry, and the country’s young populace. This strategy of creating highly relevant vocational and employment opportunities for the country’s underprivileged communities aligns with the vocational education focus of the Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 4) and at the same time, also echoes the unanimous consensus on the potential of Cambodia’s young populace to drive the country’s economic and social change.

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