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Based on Abu Dhabi government’s vision of 2030 to develop tourism industry and to provide tourists high security, new police unit which hold responsibility for guests’ security was created. Since establishment of tourism police in 2008, Abu Dhabi government started developing methods for the protection of tourists (staff training, creating hotels and rental cars security system, sharing information with stakeholders, providing the tourists with all needed information and laws in brochures, distributed in various languages and also two Braille’s language). In the beginning of the initiative there were only 2 tourism police units and in 2017 there are already 8 units, holding accountability for different responsibilities. A new structure of security system was created, which is connected with the main security system of UAE. The tourist police undertakes responsibility of crime preventing, securing the areas from terrorist attacks and other kind of incidents. The initiative contributes to social inclusiveness by providing information for those without an ability to see (brochure distribution in two Braille’s languages), brochures also include information about the culture and traditions, which leads to encouraging local heritage. Ultimately, tourism police supports mutual understanding, peace and security.




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