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FYP is set to benefit future generations for decades to come, including healthier regional areas, the potential to increase sales and tourism, access to a broader market while addressing issues of food security, nutrition, health and obesity and of course ubanisation. The project is working with nutritionists to choose ingredients that would boost concentration and sustain energy levels and with farmers and producers to discover nutrient packed, fresh, seasonal products. As urbanization continues to rise, ICC Sydney believes cities have an obligation to support the regions around them. Through direct, collaborative relationships with 65 farmers and producers and marketing of their goods, the initiative is receiving reports of financial security, brand awareness, societal and environment impact and the potential for job growth. FYP supports local producers and regional development, provides demand, leads to the growth of the employment, has a small carbon footprint, improves resource efficiency, focuses on recycling and reduces use of chemicals, encourages awarness and concerns, supports local and diverse communities and regional heritage.


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