Flat Creek Ranch

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Flat Creek Ranch (FCR) consist of 5 original guest cabins and an average of 14 guests and its motto is « Your Own Private Wilderness », including a focus on sustainability. The three main activities for guests are hiking, horseback riding and fishing. The visitors are taught not only how to cast and tie knots, but also how to safely handle and release a fish back to the water. Guests enjoy an all inclusive stay with transportation from town, activities and meals. FCR has adopted the 4C Plan as laid out by The Long Run (a non profit sustainability organization), focusing on Conservation, Community, Culture, and Commerce. FCR is able to control and manage several different aspects of ranch’s environmental impacts including energy consumption, recycling rate, local supply chain, total carbon footprint and water quality. Yearly profit and loss reports indicate the economic health of the business, annual financial budgets are established and reviewed each year, customer retention rates, customer reviews and social media engagement are monitored. Ranch’s activities contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic growth, preventing hunting and timber harvesting businesses in the territory, resource management (the power is produced using the solar panels), reducing carbon footprint. Additionally, the western heritage, historic buildings and spectacularly complete ecosystem offer guests a glimpse into the turn of the 20th century.


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