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The aim of ITP’s campaign is to increase awareness of the benefits of a career in hotels to young people in three chosen markets, thus impacting youth unemployment by encouraging them to seek work in the sector where talent is in short supply. ITP’s stakeholder dialogues highlighted that hotel jobs are perceived as unattractive to people under 25 in many countries and there is a need to demonstrate that the industry offers diverse, flexible and rewarding careers. The project aims to enlighten the international hotel industry regarding which elements are the most appealing to young people who seek careers. Given ITP’s unique position within the hotel sector, its members sought to combine efforts to increase the appeal to young people via a study and campaign led by ITP which removes any particular brand focus but keeps the programme driven by young people themselves. ITP works with the world’s leading hotel groups, providing a non-competitive forum for collaboration on sustainability issues – the hotel industry is well-equipped to offer meaningful work and career development options but is often overshadowed by other sectors when young people decide on their first career step. ITP project contributes to these key areas of International Year of Tourism for Development 2017: inclusive and sustainable economic growth is encouraged by helping more young people see themselves in a hospitality career, promoting the diversity of roles; disadvantaged young people are involved in trainings and offered greater employment opportunities, which lead to poverty reduction and social inclusiveness; by collaborating leading hotels’ groups, ITP reduce repetition and use resources more efficiently.

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