IT.A.CA Festival

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The Festival is an idea of the international cooperation sector and is organized by the non-governmental organizations, aiming to promote a new ethic in tourism and to inform travelers, tourism operators and other actors about sustainable development, which is crucial for the territory. During the festival, tourists and the local community are offered an opportunity to give life to socially innovative practices that would contribute to develop the territory in a sustainable way. The project involves around 200 entities organizing more than 300 initiatives and events in 8 cities, encouraging participants to reflect on the idea of tourism. The Festival acts like a local laboratory to experiment collaboration and education, which could favor the development of sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Also, many events of the festival deal with relationships among migrants and hosting communities, spreading the knowledge about initiatives for poverty reduction and social inclusiveness. Through its format, the festival promotes urban and rural heritage and supports diversity favoring the characteristics of places. IT.A.CA’ supports the development of the global citizenship and mutual understanding among different cultures, f.e. focuses on topics about migration.

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