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Youth from Mathare slum are famous for their drive, passion and talents, which they often express in arts, music and a general enjoyment of life. However, due to lack of education, role models and mentors it is difficult for them to transform these features into a sustainable, income generating activity. Hustling, unsustainable informal jobs or even crime and drug abuse are the consequence.

Our goal is to give youth, who didn’t have the chance to go to university, an opportunity to earn a regular income through a high-quality job by making use of their existing skills while also giving them exposure and access to potential role models and mentors from all over the world.

We do this by giving tourists an off-the-beaten-path experience of Nairobi facilitated by youth from slums, who raised themselves in the streets of Downtown. During an inspirational tour, they share their insights, life stories, street skills and ghetto-energy. The tour is tailored and one-on-one to guarantee a personal connection and exchange between tourists and the youth.

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