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Nglanggeran village, Patuk, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, mid-January 2017 was elected to be the best Tourism Village in the Southeast Asian region. The victory was obtained Nglanggeran because this tourist village proves capable transformed into a tourist village that contribute to the social welfare which are significant for the local villagers through various sustainable tourism development program and continues to grow.

Nglanggeran included in the 13 Geosite in Gunung Kidul, in the « Global Geopark Network Mount Sewu ». The village has three main tourist magnet, i.e. Ancient Volcano in the form of gigantic mountain-sized rocks that have a marvelous view. Second, the pool of water on a hilltop that overlooks a beautiful, natural expanse of mountains and natural waterfalls. Not to mention the cultural charm of the local rural communities, people were friendly and healthy culinary delights with flavors of the original village.

Nglanggeran mountain is located in the northern part of Baturagung in Gunung Kidul regency with an altitude between 200-700 meters above sea level, precisely in the village Nglanggeran, sub district Patuk with the distance of 22 km from the city of Wonosari, including in the area of Yogyakarta province, Indonesia. This area is a region with its lithology composed by old volcanic material and has a beautiful landscape and geology is very unique and it has high scientific value. From the results of research and references exist, otherwise Nglanggeran mountain is an ancient volcano.

Village Community Nglanggeran also very concerned about the pattern of community-based tourism development. This proved management of the entire object and any business opportunities that exist in this village is entirely run by local young people. As information, Nglanggeran village is the village that proves its youth do not have to venture into the city or to another country because the village has provided a variety of business opportunities through the development of tourism.

Development of rural tourism based Nglanggeran environmental preservation so that the village is not only the more famous and became the object of a tourist destination, but also become more beautiful because of harmony with nature, becoming the main spirit of tourism development. One example, the construction of houses in this village should be oriented to the harmony of nature and the local nuances that did not spoil the atmosphere naturally become the tourist magnet.

Sugeng Handoko, youth leaders from the local village, a tourist village manager Nglanggeran revealed, for this achievement he was invited to Singapore to accept the award of the ASEAN Community Tourism Award.

Rows of tourist charm that attracts tourists to come to the village, at least the current minimum of not less than 5,000 visitors a month who come to take advantage of a variety of travel packages such as camping ground, homestay and so on.

Business tourism village Nglanggeran also developing tourist area with make and prepare houses to live in the place. Program ”live in” many attended by students and foreign tourists. Travellers are able to interact with people and learn the culture of the village Nglanggeran, such as batik masks, making handicrafts from coconut (coconut leaves are still young), learning traditional dance « Jathilan and Reog », catch and release the fish in the river, planting rice in paddy fields, and learn cooking / culinary style Nglanggeran village. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, like rock climbing with 28 lanes, trekking, etc.

By Teguh Suprijanto

The Indonesian Agro Tourism Association (AWAI)


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