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The project is dedicated to promote cross-border cooperation between two neighbour countries – Georgia and Armenia. The involved regions have a vast geographical, cultural and climatic tourism potential that was not fully developed yet. For this reason, cycle and rural tourism opportunity was introduced. After studying touristic behaviour, 3 tour packages were developed, which combined biking and rural activities, establishment of two camping bases and infrastructures. Research was conducted and the results shown that the quality of touristic services changed rapidly due to training, seminars and examples of the best practices. The project creates a beneficial impact on all five key pillars expressed by International Year of Tourism for Development 2017: countries and regions are involved in the growth of local economy, promoting and attracting tourists to local businesses; poverty was reduced due to social inclusiveness of local communities; environmental protection was promoted by offering biking and rural tourism tours, training called « Ecology, climate change and tourism » was organized; tours offered by the project include regions that are well-known for their diversity of cultural values and heritage, natural, historical and architectural memorials. Finally, the project is a perfect example of mutual understanding and countries’ cooperation on a common aim, which is beneficial for all.

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