Sea Turtle Recovery

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Hostelling International is a global association of Youth Hostels. We are a charity and our focus has always been on social empowerment. For the 2017 Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development we have developed a busy program to address ten different areas of sustainability.

In August, we spoke about engaging our guests, our friends. Read more on our blog. A prime example of this is AIG – Sailing, a project born from young people’s passion for sailing and the preservation of the planet. It is promoted by AIG HI ITALY and it involves the Ostello Diffuso di Bisceglie and the Baia del Corallo Hostel.

It is estimated that about 150,000 sea turtles every year are caught in fishing gear in the Mediterranean and that over 40,000 of them die. At the AIG Ostello Diffuso di Bisceglie, guests can partake in the unique experience of releasing these magnificent creatures back into the water as well as helping out in the specialised rescue centres. Not only does the project inform the guests about the dangers facing sea turtles, but it also helps to educate the community about the theme of sustainable tourism in general.

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