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At the centre is Venice. From there, like ripples across the water, place after place waiting to be discovered. In a world where distance is no longer a challenge, the true meaning of adventure is going into depth, understanding roots and values and savouring unfamiliar experiences with the help of guides who turn places into stories.

Limosa Tour Operator is founded by nature guides, bringing new insights to the tourism of Venice, expanding its area including lagoon and the Riviera of Brenta. Introducing the concept of “Slow Venice” away to explore, understand, and go deeper to discover authentic Venice. Involving local companies, artisans, traders and ordinary citizens as an integral part of the travel experience. Giving priority to bicycles and traditional boats in transportation. Offering tours and travel experiences that follow the guidelines of “Slow Tourism”. Intending to lead the traveller into contact with local people letting a genuine exchange of knowledge and experience and maintaining the local community active in tourism. Limosa is leader partner of SlowVenice Network, made up of local touristic companies. We attended the Skål Sustainable Tourism Awards 2015 and finished third in the TO section with the project « Venice, another tourism is possible ». In 2016 we won the Tourism Culture Unesco Award (TCU).

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