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We Soulful Concepts, an industry accredited travel company, specialising in philanthropic travel design. Providing hand-crafted travel experiences for individuals who would like to have a positive impact on an important cause.

Socially conscious travellers can engage in a myriad of responsible travel experiences which give back to the communities and environment within the destinations visited. With a focus on culture, community development, conservation, personal well-being and ethical trade, every holiday combines a special collection of unique, sustainable, stylish, and comfortable travel options.

Soulful Concepts’ commitment to responsible travel and sustainability is a simple one. We believe in protecting the environment and the living beings that inhabit it. Travel is a perfect way to do this; by being personally connected to the world, it becomes “our” responsibility to take care of it. This is why all of Soulful Concepts’ experiences aim to meet the International Ecotourism Society’s definition of Ecotourism as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and improve the welfare of the local people”. This is done by working with partners and suppliers who are equally committed to responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, ensuring positive engagements with the local people and to reduce negative environmental impact.

Soulful Concepts is pioneering the way with a new and exciting concept Sustainable Coffee Tours; aiming to educate coffee consumers and industry professionals on the crop-to-cup process while supporting smallholder coffee farmers in creating sustainable productivity to help meet the future demands of this highly sought after global commodity.

We are so very proud to be the first Australian company to join the Sustainable Coffee Challenge and would like to invite other companies to join the challenge too! The challenge convenes, unites and urges the coffee sector and conservation partners across the industry to spur the actions and investments necessary to make coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural product.

Our Sustainable Coffee Tours connect coffee consumers and industry professionals with the coffee farmers who produce their favourite beans; allowing organisations to create transparency throughout their supply chain and support the people and environment in which their products are produced.

We have partnered with SupplyShift to help measure the value chain at each coffee farm we visit on our tours. We will be collecting data and insights from local coffee farmers on harvesting techniques, quality control, working conditions and production processes; enabling improved sustainability practices. In addition, we will also be collecting travellers feedback giving insight into consumers demands and preferences.

Through collaboration with organisations in the coffee and not-for-profit sectors we can educate consumers and industry professionals on the challenges faced by coffee producers and communities. Our educational experiences allow travellers to participate in special immersion programs interacting with local coffee farmers to gather data and insights on harvesting techniques, quality control, working conditions and production processes. These are invaluable learning experiences, not only for consumers and coffee professionals as they gain understanding of the crop-to-cup process, but also for the coffee industry as the data collected through our needs assessments and external stakeholders feedback forms can be used to help monitor and evaluate sustainability practices at each coffee farm.

Soulful Concepts is committed to helping improve farmers livelihoods and to protect the biodiverse environments where coffee is grown. A nominal donation of $200 per person is included in our tour price and is given directly to registered charitable organisations who support local farming cooperatives and sustainable farming initiatives in the destinations we visit.

We are committed to partnering with organisations in the coffee sector to create awareness around the climate change issues faced by the coffee industry. By helping to improve supply chain management and increase the funding needed to help support smallholder coffee farmers, we can work towards making coffee a sustainable product.


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