Sustainable Destinations Alliance for the Americas

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The Sustainable Destinations Alliance for the Americas (SDAA), launched by Sustainable Travel International (STI) in March 2014, is an innovative public-private partnership with a shared commitment to building resilience in local communities, improving the way tourism is managed and enhancing competitiveness in 30 destinations across the Caribbean and Latin America. It aims to tackle climate vulnerability, environmental degradation and reliance on tourism. Travel and tourism can contribute to many problems, yet SDAA demonstrates how sustainably managed tourism can be efficiently scaled at a regional level to improve lives and protect the environment. SDAA objectives are to maximize the benefits of tourism for local communities and residents, protect the region’s natural and cultural assets by conserving its land and marine resources, embed sustainability practices in the day-to-day management and marketing of destinations. The partnership contributes to all five key pillars, expressed by International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017: aims to leverage the power of travel and tourism as a tool for economic growth in the Americas and Caribbean regions, which are highly dependent on the economic sector; promotes inclusion of all stakeholders in the destination, with particular emphasis on the local communities and women groups; encourages the conservation of natural resources which also are key tourism attractions, as well as resource efficiency, in particular tackling issues related to waste management, water and energy conservation, climate change resilience; contributes to the identification and enhancement of cultural heritage; promotes mutual understanding and collaboration among destinations within the Americas region.

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