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The Tourismand City Council was set up on November 2015. It’s an established body created to include all the city stakeholders concerned by tourism activity and its effects in order to try to harmonize tourism activity with the residencial life in Barcelona, affecting overtourism areas, mobility, housing, urban spaces, environment, commerce and making the tourism activity fit better to daily life of the city. The City and Tourism Council is chaired by the Mayoress and includes sixty representatives from the local residents’ sector, the tourist business sector, commerce, restaurant and catering sector, sports and culture, trade unions, environmental associations, social groups of every district as well as expert professionals, technical managers and representatives from each municipal political group. C&T Council reports by formal meetings, steering committees and regular meetings between President, Vice-presidents and Secretary. Reports of the meetings are shared with all members. Valuable information about how to include local community’s perspectives on the tourism policies is also exchanged with local governments in Europe. C&T Council contributes to all five key areas expressed by International Year of Tourism for Development 2017: it promotes the social return of the wealth generated by the tourist economy, the connection between the tourism business sector and the territory; encourages social responsibility of the territory and quality of employment in the tourism industry and includes representatives from Trade unions, third social sector, youth organizations and etc.; promotes environmental responsibility and looks after the effects of the tourist activity on the city to improve the quality of life, includes representatives from the environmental sector (NGO, environmental professionals’ association and local policy managers); preserves city’s identity. The C&T Council‘s core aim is about living together, mutual understanding and cohesion – its members defend their particular interests and opinions, look for consensus. Some of the results that the project has achieved: a new framework was established for discussion and the incorporation of different actors in the same table, knowledge and data exchange, involvement of the academy in tourist management, dialogue with the municipal political parties and etc.

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