Tourist junior – A traveling Suitcase

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The « Tourist junior – A traveling Suitcase » program is an informative and awareness raising program on issues related to « tourism education ». It aims at ensuring that the participants acquire active citizenship acting by the principles of sustainable development, so as to create tourism consciousness, protecting and highlighting Greece and its tourist destinations. The trainees learn by non-formal educational methods, for instance creative workshops, experiential applications and interactive presentations. Over 1.500 people (pupils and teachers) were trained during the 1st school year (2015-2016), while this year (2016-2017) more than 3.500 people participated in the workshops. The programme embraces quality and alternative forms of tourism, reinvests in profits and small scale establishments, teaches pupils alternative tourism forms and values of sustainability, for example incentive tourism, diving tourism, religious tourism and etc. The program’s content includes a chapter for tourism/culture/history and gastronomy/Greek cuisine, what encourages cultural values, diversity and heritage. Finally, it aims at the emergence of equality and respect, creation of bonds, communication with other schools.

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