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Hostelling International is a global network of Youth hostel Associations. We are a charity with a very social mission. For the 2017 Year we have decided to focus on our 10 Areas of Hostelling to show all the great things that are happneing in HI Hostels worldwide.

One Area we have put in the spotlight for March is ‘Managing Waste’. As hostels, we have the power to directly make a positive contribution to protecting the environment in the way we handle and manage waste From daily habits to specialized equipment, our hostels are striving to reduce their production of non-recyclable waste. Here are some of the examples from our Network:

YHA Australia – eliminate Bottled Water In mid-2014 all YHA Australia operated hostels stopped selling bottled water. Instead, the hostels installed water fountains for guest use and sold refillable water bottles. The main aim was to reduce the number of plastic bottles in landfill. We did this by educating guests that tap water in Australia is safe to drink, free and that by refilling a water bottle they can help the environment and save money. We estimate that YHA has prevented up to 40,000 bottles a year from going to landfill or our oceans and waterways.

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Hostel: Espinosa de los Monteros , Burgos The hostel was awarded by REAJ with more than 4.000€ to create an organic vegetable garden in order to show young people how to grow their own healthy food and how to transform waste into compost.

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